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It was the shortest one I could get and it acts more like a resonator than a muffler. 5" and 3" mufflers are way over sized for mosts needs. After a couple months the muffler is just too loud. I had a 2005 Dodge ram 4. Flowmaster offers a wide variety of chambered mufflers to suit your needs, from the super-aggressive Flowmaster 40 Series to the power-enhancing Flowmaster 70 Series Muffler. I need suggestions for a very quiet muffler that won't kill my mpg. I looked for a used Caddy muffler but nothing local. or magna flow "magnapack" 4 or 5" round 2. I was wondering which company produces the quietest performance muffler? I have a TT exhaust with a Borla muffler on my Mk2 rocco, it sounds nice, but getting a little loud and droning on the freeway. What's wrong with this? Most people think it looks Shopping for a new Jeep muffler? We sell top brands like Walker, Flowmaster, Borla and Crown. Re: Magnaflow vs. But not so loud as to draw unwanted attention. You heard what the Magnaflow system sounded like (but not in great conditions) and IMHO was a perfect dB level with cats. My 5. and imo, no offense to anybody who has it, but i really don't like how it looks. Besides the stock one? I just baught a 97 S10 2. I am not looking for personal advice on which muffler sounds the best, or this and that. I had always thought an X or H would increase the HP but after reading a number of articles it seems that neither has anything to do with HPit's all about In contrast to Magnaflow, Flowmaster uses no sound deadening materials. Here is the important part, the second muffler has to be a Corsa 8004001. i would suggest getting a Center inlet, and offset outlet muffler for your truck. You can buy mufflers and tubes bends cheap on Ebay (gold quality stuff too like magnaflow) if you have welding skills, make somthing up in the size you really need. Flowmaster I had a pair of Magnaflow's on my Riviera with the 425 Nailhead with only 6in of pipe after the mufflers and it was loud but not bad. 16 Dec 2019 With a quiet muffler, you won't have to worry about noises from your Product name MagnaFlow 10416 Exhaust Muffler *, Rating, Price $78. They're like an apple and an orange in their two completely different concepts. After tons of research and owning quite a few trucks I can't see where a cat-back is really worth it( on today's trucks at least). Your exhaust system could be loud either because of alterations intended to increase the vehicle's performance, or because of failing equipment. NEWSLETTER SIGNUP. Save on MagnaFlow Stainless Universal Performance Muffler 11226 at Advance Auto Parts. There isn't a specific magnaflow muffler application for the z31. Seems they'd be pretty equal. For custom needs, BORLA® offers universal mufflers (also called resonators). Pypes Performance Exhaust is the manufacturer of exhaust systems, headers, downpipes, mufflers, x-pipes and more for your classic or late model muscle car. I am using a Magnaflow 7" round for this one. Not stock quiet but Magnaflow mufflers have a nice mellow sound and a good warranty if dealer installed. I installed it ahead of the main muffler. The chambered mufflers send the sound waves back and forth in the muffler so the muffler is very loud. They are manufactured from either steel or stainless steel for maximum durability. 4 first tho Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk Quietest/Least Drone Muffler or Exhaust System Available My stock muffler has taken quite the beating and needs to be replaced: Instead of buying another, probably very expensive, OEM muffler I'm considering an aftermarket one. i had flowmaster 50 series with delta on my nova changed to magnaflow. Large diameter perforated tubing gives you greater flow while strategically placed sound baffles reduce annoying and extraneous exhaust noise. _____ The decibel test was done with our muffler selection in a controlled environment, with all installed on the same vehicle and the same size inlet/outlet. AutoZone carries top-notch products like the Walker SoundFX muffler, featuring aluminized material with original equipment equivalent direct-fit to deliver long-lasting quality performance and acoustics. So I decided to get a new muffler and went with the flowmaster 40 series with delta flow. 8. It is a flow-through design and built tough. Jan 20, 2017 · After reading the long MUFFLER BOLT REMOVAL thread awhile back, we had the dealer install (10. Yeah, I'm getting old, get over it. From budget-friendly to bank-busting, here are our top picks for performance mufflers to fit your sport compact car. MagnaFlow is a well-known brand for mufflers and similar automobile tools. As a result we should have the quiet muffler along with other quiet performance mufflers in stock for almost all vehicles. Short ones will be loud, long ones will be quiet. Magnaflow is a quiality muffler. Anybody who can give me a link to a chart that shows the db (decibel) level comparisons of all the Magnaflow mufflers will **automatically get the best answer. We say it’s an off road muffler, but what you use it for is up to your imagination,” explained Benty. 9 CTD. Dec 03, 2018 · Wondering which exhaust will give you the best growl? We compare glasspack mufflers vs. 370cid forged motor, big ass cam, whored out heads, long tubes, no cats, Hooker Aero-chamber muffler. This guide will look at what makes a quiet performance exhaust system. That muffler was designed as a OEM replacement and not a performance muffler. 1 product rating 1 product ratings - MagnaFlow 12586 2. Many times, the muffler has been voted as the quietest muffler for vehicles. And unlike other muffler manufactures, we offer numerous muffler models which can control the drone, also known as interior resonance inside the vehicle cab area. This muffler offers the most flow and performance of all our muffler options but is also our overall quietest muffler. The first dyno test will be the Magnaflow this Friday. Magnaflow can be  17 Jul 2012 1st: replace the stock muffler with a very quiet performance muffler. i really loved the sound of strait headers when I'm cruising the car shows, but driving miles on the highway gets a little annoying. 7, 12,000 miles and new to me. So there are our two contenders. 4x9 oval. . Mar 11, 2014 · “The problem with this technology is that even though the muffler looks straight through, the turbulence caused by the sound and exhaust pulses trying to escape into the packing material, causing back pressure. I will say that in the past when doing your own system with a Magnaflow muffler versus buying their kit, it always seems to have issues. MagnaFlow is a ISO-9001 certified company and backs up their products with a limited lifetime warranty. Exhaust can be loud if the muffler is old and worn out but I think the best bet is probably a new stock-type muffler, distance, and a barrier between you and the generator. If you want stock quiet any muffler shop will usually have several huge stock stainless mufflers laying around that got took off trucks to install loud mufflers, they will sell those cheap. Sep 02, 2013 · Muffler was too restrictive and the resonator likely had issues with the packing in the chamber. Featuring a dual core technology that provides optimal flow, in conjunction with superior sound suppression. Explain how an exhaust . Like the title says, whats the quietest flow through or performance oriented muffler out there. I am using the 30" body now and "think" I could have gone for the 36" one. By the way, do a search on cutting the tailpipe back a bit to reduce drone. Their turbo-style configuration provides great interior and exterior sound control without decreasing exhaust flow. “This muffler comes with all the benefits of race breeding, and is also very race-oriented. It might just be the last muffler you ever need. No other mufflers are so finely tuned as the XLs are. May 31, 2019 | Team MagnaFlow. 5 in from front to back, flows super well, and isn't terribly loud at all, nice and quiet actually until i step on it. Most strait-through mufflers sound VERY loud, but the magnaflow muffler really isn't annoying at all. I could buy the same muffler for $80 (same part number) and have any local shop bend some stainless pipe for me for under $250 installed. According to the website, it is one of the quietest mufflers they sell. Jun 29, 2016 · Aside from visual mods, swapping your muffler to something a little more free-flowing is a quick and affordable way to give your ride a little more personality. These premium muffler upgrades are made from high-quality T-304 stainless steel. It is by far the quietest muffler I have used and has NO DRONE! Harness the power of stainless steel with Walker Quiet-Flow SS mufflers, offering OE performance. for instance I am quite happy with my 2. . Engineered with a ‘wide open’ design, this component provides improved performance along with MagnaFlow’s signature deep tone. It has no chambers, mazes, or baffles to go through, just 1 tube. The material doesn’t rust and fights against corrosion. Copied and Pasted form eHow: Resonator A resonator is smaller than a muffler, but of similar construction. PartCatalog is a proud authorized retailer for MagnaFlow products. This muffler can be a great tool as an addon that keeps the driving easy peasy by reducing the noise to the lowest level as much as possible. I bought a 12 inch long straight through glasspack "race " muffler, many choices in Summit or Jegs. right now im looking at dynomax super turbo or obx twin loop. FMS Performance offers a quiet universal muffler by Walker as well as Magnaflow, Georlich and others. Car is quiet and only the slightest hint of a tone when I really stomp on it. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk Aug 19, 2012 · Is the stock muffler just a straight shot or do I need an offset muffler? Don't want to cut my muffler off and not have something that will fit lol. it also depends on how many baffles the muffler has The solution to your problem lies in what sound you are trying to achieve. ” Dec 05, 2019 · Features to look for when buying the quietest performance muffler. #7 MagnaFlow 14832 Exhaust Muffler. I have a Dynomax on my car and I love the sound too. WANTED: Quiet but good 3" Muffler: Hooker, Magnaflow, Dynomax I am looking for a 3" muffler to go with some flowmaster 3" tailpipes. The XL Mufflers are for the musicians. It's cheap, and easy to install. Dec 23, 2013 · my 70 Camaro has polished stainless 2. I don't know what the F/X will sound like but the Quiet Flow was just louder than stock, very slight rasp under load at about 3K+. 25" in/out Vibrant Performance ::. I'm running a magnaflow muffler and it's very quiet with normal driving, but opens up in the higher rpms. They are a nice flange head bolt. im thinking a 3" bullet and a turndown just before the passenger compartment. I am wanting to know how the various designs and case sizes affect sound and flow. 3" is a good fit. The MagnaFlow Street Series includes the fine tubes that  23 Jul 2018 Right now, I'm thinking Magnaflow 11216 Oval mufflers in the back, but they are a little longer so I might have to get creative. Below are some of the critical factors that you should always consider when buying the most silent performance muffler on the market. Otherwise, get a 3" chambered muffler OR a muffler that has a silencer that you can leave in. Pypes' Race Pro muffler sounds like what you want. you will need 18" of 3" pipe wouldnt hurt if you could find something a little longer because 18" barley worked for my truck. 3 V8 now sounds like a big-block I bought a pair used from a guy with a V8 CJ7. I then called Magnaflow directly and the guy there recommended that I stay away from the 5X11X22 if I want any performance gains because it is restrictive. i went from an H to an X  23 Jun 2019 I just got through adding the 12579 Magnaflow and Virbrant's Ultra Quiet Resonator to my 2015 with 3' piping, but still running the OEM downpipe  My JK is too quiet - Magnaflow exhaust system? Or?? Hey all - I have a 2009 Wrangler X . This particular muffler is 7 inches in diameter and 40 inches long overall. starts at the jdm 4-1 ITR manifold, to a car sound cat, 16" long(i think) magnaflow resonator, and a dynomax ultra flow muffler. The See looking at the magnaflow website that muffler is kinda a hybrid muffler. It'll explore muffler design, sound absorption, and resonators. Mar 24, 2009 · If you need a merged setup like I did with my 170hp 2276, Dynomax is a really quiet muffler (I'm using the 2-1/2" Super Turbo muffler) and they have specs posted on their site including displacement and horsepower ranges. From mild to wild, RealTruck offers a Flowmaster muffler that's right for any truck. 00-inch internals and dual 3. ** I am wondering which magnaflow muffler will be the quietest. It sucks. With a 30,000 square foot facility reserved just for research & development, MagnaFlow knows how to product quality products that last for years. My 2019 will stay stock, I actually am thinking about putting the Limited muffler on it to make it quieter but still flow enough for the 450hp. 50-inch tubing off the catalytic converter flowing into a 50 Series HD muffler with large 4. Magnaflow uses a straight through perforated core for low back pressure that improves the horsepower output of your engine. The muffler was definitely on the quiet side compared to other mufflers people tried though. The straight through design muffler or muffler delete reduce backpressure creating more power & Jan 20, 2017 · Quietest performance muffler. I've got a magnaflow . With a complete muffler line up to meet any automotive repair need, Walker offers mufflers to reduce noise, improve emissions and get your car rolling. The types of quiet muffler you choose will highly depend on your tastes and requirements. 5mph LESS then the stock LE low quietest muffler? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 76 Posts magnaflow is the shit, it doesnt sound like a fart can! it has a warm tone in low rpm's and sounds Universal XL Series Stainless Steel Oval Gray Exhaust Muffler by MagnaFlow®. you will want to Mar 23, 2009 · You are probably gaining 5hp over stock with a muffler, and the tone of the v6 will always be the raspy kind that is hard to hear music over. 5 degrees of timing we added, the mufflers cost NO power. If you have to have flowmaster, get the 80 series, or the HushPower series. As a result, your muffler serves you for a long period. Because of stringent noise pollution laws where I live, I need to get the quietest Magnaflow muffler one can buy. I had him remove the resonator and install a stainless magnaflow model number 11225 in the factory muffler location. Regardless of the reason, there are permanent as well as temporary ways to quiet an excessively loud exhaust system. Performance diesel mufflers can increase fuel economy and engine longevity with that smooth, performance sound we all love! We also offer muffler eliminator pipes from Flo Pro, Silverline and MBRP. Some companies probably do this more efficiently than others. I have a Dynomax on my Mk1, but it's a little too loud for my taste, especially at idle. Thrush products strike as much of an emotional resonance with today's fan as the sound itself. What are some of the quietest exhausts? Not looking to have any drone, or anything. So I'll post the chart on Saturday. When I bought the truck the factory exhaust was too quiet for me. When I want loud, that's what my Firebird is for. 25 in/out MagnaFlow Exhaust Products - For Trucks, Suv's, American Muscle, Diesel, & Sport for my db8, my newest exhaust setup is pretty quiet. Right now I have another Magnaflow on my Riviera with the Turbo6 but I've not started it to hear how it sounds. chambered mufflers vs. Will the one listed above be loud or quite? Not really wanting to run tips or anything, just a simple muffler swap. Maybe I don't know enough to tell you if it is quieter than a magnaflow or not I guess, since I never have compared them on a mustang. Perfect for over the road towing applications, the Quiet Tone Muffler helps reduce in-cab noise and drone. Maybe look into the Borla muffler mentioned earlier in this thread too. They give a new meaning to the expression Performance Engine. Prices range from the Super Turbo's $30-$40 entry fee all the way up to the Ultra Flo SS muffler's C-note-plus ticket price. I've read the other posts relating to this topic, but none have mentioned the Magnaflow SXT exhaust Muffler design is the main factor. Get a 3" ultra flow and install it before the magnaflow. Quiet-Flow Replacement Mufflers run quieter and lasts longer than OE mufflers. If you're looking for a muffler I would recomend this one. Hey guys. I would mate it up with HFCs what do you all think who have heard it in person? Looking for quietest/performance Muffler - Performance Forum go with magnaflow or dynomax super turbo. I just had a little exhaust work done. The muffler has a low, non-droning tone (not straight through) but enough to set off alarms in a parking garage, it was perfect IMO. There are also tons of options to get rid of your muffler with Diamond Eye muffler replacement pipes as well! Many of our mufflers come in stainless Buy a 2006 Honda Civic Muffler at discount prices. Muffler Delete Kit by MagnaFlow®. Inc. 5" inlets. When you think about durability, this is a muffler that got you covered. Sewing machine quiet and needs a little exhaust help. Just realized you have the Borla stinger. 03. Nov 24, 2003 · Magnaflow VS Borla Exhaust Integra Car Forums . After years of use I would like it quieter. 99. Drones terrible. I was running a 30" FTE resonator and a Magnaflow muffler and while it was quiet I felt I could knock it down another notch so on another members recommendation I swapped in a Hushpower muffler. P. Muffler Sound: Moderate. With the TVS1900 currently installed and the cam swap to occur next week she will be pushing some decent horsepower but I want to be stealthy like a CTS-V. anyone one else have any suggestions? Group, I currently have the SRT4 Magnaflow exhaust, and I'm just tired of the drone and the noise. 5 inch h-pipe flowmaster 40 series. it does sound great on acceleration, and very quiet when cruising. The first muffler, on a 4 wheel drive, mounts just behind the transfer case. YOUR SOUND WILL VARY depending on several factors including, but not limited to: application/vehicle, muffler(s) chosen, inlet/outlet size, pipe size and tooling used, outlet position, tip Buy a 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 Muffler at discount prices. 5" Inlet/Outlet SS Muffler for 2004-12 Chevrolet Colorado Gas. ) have a more smooth/deep tone. i had straight 4in pipe. The inlet and outlet are both 3 inches in diameter. One is OVAL and the other is ROUND. They are BOTH 2. I'm looking for an aftermarket muffler that isn't much louder than stock, just provides a little extra growl. 4L Hemi engine. Buy MagnaFlow 14419 Exhaust Muffler: Mufflers - Amazon. *EDIT* Dyno results are in! 443 rwhp and 490 rwtq. (NO# 14815). Not sure what I'm going to end up doing. Got it tucked up Dec 28, 2011 · I am looking at getting a new Magnaflow muffler for my '99 cavalier z24. Has great tone and sounds even better under WOT. MAGNAFLOW EXHAUST PRODUCTS FOR DIESEL & GAS TRUCKS AMERICAN MUSCLE CARS EURO/SPORT COMPACT PROUDLY MADE AND SHIPPED FROM THE USA (United Stated of America) PRODUCTS Exhaust Systems Muffler Series 14800 Tips Glass Pack Universal Mufflers Direct Fit Universal Converters DPF/FAP: SUPPORT Company Profile Contact Us About Us Facilities Job Opportunites This muffler is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a solid long lasting muffler on their truck with 5" exhaust. Then the 22"/24" is the quietest. _____ Thrush products have been a staple of hot rodders for over 40 years as these performance mufflers bring together the power and sound favored by true enthusiasts. I've toyed with the idea of changing out the exhaust and retaining the stock muffler because I really don't care for the sound of a 4cyl turbo through a loud exhaust, so I'm curious as well. I know this is an odd request but I want a more freely flowing exhaust without loosing the quiet ride inside the cabin. you'll hear a growl. Check out the sound of the new Flowmaster American Thunder cat-back exhaust system for 2014-2019 RAM 3500 trucks with the 6. Select the style of Magnaflow Muffler . its all custom pieced together. is this true??? The magnaflow muffler is a strait-through muffler, so it's pretty much at the limit of muffler performance. 9) bolts on muffler. It was well worth the effort. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes. They can also be an annoyance to yourself and others. This thing is as quiet as my old stock 06 Dodge was. vibrant ultra quiet resonator 2. Nov 24, 2014 · Hey guys I am new to this forum so bare with me lol. *please note that i am asking abbout Magnaflow mufflers. After a bit more researching, I settled on the Gibson SFT muffler 3” in/out (30” overall length). Also, it helps to increase the efficiency and overall performance of the engine. Glass breaks down so the sound changes when it does and as for an X or an H an X will give your exhaust a higher pitch and an H will give it a lower pitch. If you're hunting for the best power Back to the OP - Trackhawk707MI - With only 1 muffler on the SW system I'm not surprised it's loud. A little better, but still too loud. 12 Nov 2015 magnaflow will what you want. When i had my 2009 Hemi powered Ram I took off the 24 inch stock muffler & had a 18" Magnaflow installed in its place The only time that i heard any sound was when i was driving through a tunnel, under a bridge or as i was accelerating between apartment buildings with the windows open. I have the MAC Pro Chamber and MAC Catback opening up the flowage. The magnaflow appears to be the cheaper option also. As for muffler suggestions, usually your straight through designs (ie magnaflow etc. Flowmaster Mufflers. Sounded real good with the 2. I have a 5 inch magnaflow turbo back stainless exhaust with their regular muffler on my '06 5. What is a good quiet aftermarket muffler? I have a catted X and a MAC catback, and my car is buzzing and vibrating to death. That only includes a muffler and tail pipe. I did use the search function. which of these two products would you say would be the quietest as a resonator/premuffler. alot of times people install the resonator with the louvers facing away from the engine thinking they will get maximum flow but quiet exhaust and thats not the case. Exhausts loudest to quietest. Flowmaster is CRAP. One of the most common, if not the most frequently asked question we get as an exhaust company is, “What type of muffler is the loudest?” With that, the answer to the question is a bit more complicated than “here’s the part number for our loudest muffler. turbo mufflers to help you choose. DIESEL whats the quietest muffler that flows well? right now i have my olds 455 with headers,2. May 17, 2010 · The most aggressive muffler in Flowmaster’s lineup and its newest, the Super 10 is aimed at (and best suited for) racing applications. Our muffler shop offers a quiet universal muffler for cars and also quiet mufflers for trucks. Check out the deal on MBRP 5" Quiet Tone Diesel Muffler at Diesel Power Products 888. They will be quieter than the straight pipes you have now. even when i had the 40 series hooked up i still have drone even with my interior fully May 03, 2011 · i have a 14" magnaflow installed on my truck. Anyways, I plan on doing Nov 01, 2000 · Each muffler fits into its own market segment and tax bracket. 5 inch over the axle I've heard the quiet borla is a good option to avoid the highway speed drone sound. I have narrowed it down to Hooker Aero Chamber muffler, Dynomax Ultra flow, Dynomax Super Turbo, and Dynomax Race Find Walker Quiet-Flow 3 Mufflers with Stainless steel Muffler Material and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Replace your OEM muffler with one of these Walker Quiet-Flow 3 mufflers. So we run the sled about 6 runs on the radar gun here for base readings/stock now that we have studs in her. We didn't care if it was loud inside the car or out; we wanted people to hear those horses. The "Turbo" mufflers are fundamentally the same design except 2 or three pipes in a zig-zag configuration. This is a discussion on Exhausts loudest to quietest within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I see alot of people on here who want/need a quiet setup for where they live, and alot who want I have a 2 door blazer that has a replacement undersized Flowmaster muffler. there is not a lot of sound in the interior even Feb 16, 2008 · I have a 3'' Performance Exhaust system with a Magnaflow Turbo muffler. magnaflow uses stainless steel wool in the muffler while dynomas uses glass. Probably less. A great mid-range muffler option is MagnaFlow’s offering. engine sound as this is one of the quietest straight through mufflers we have seen. Its construction is made of aluminum material. You'd have to select one of their generic mufflers. quietest 3" bullet muffler ive got a dsm with just a dump coming off the turbo right now and its a little on the loud side. ▻ Show Full  11 Dec 2015 Some Dodge Charger owners think the factory exhaust is going to be the quietest the Magnaflow or Flowmaster than Borla. Magnaflow Mufflers have a deep and strong sound that many customers enjoy. Update 4/4/13 - I've posted a picture of what the muffler looks like after being on the truck a few months and going through winter. I have the Magnaflow exhaust and don’t have any drone. May 02, 2005 · The straight-through designs give the best sound deadening per restriction. 30. A friend is able to get me one at wholesale price. May 31, 2019 · A Muffler Buying Guide: From Loudest to Quietest. Jun 29, 2010 · 08 Commander 5. S. Should I use Magnaflows, or maybe Flowmaster 3 chambered 50 Sep 08, 2019 · #4 MagnaFlow 10416 Exhaust Muffler. Apr 21, 2005 · Dan, I have one of these available. 2 5spd as a daily driver and want to give it alittle more powerbecause these trucks have none lol I was looking at Flowmaster 60 series muffler. then later added the 4 in magnaflow flow through muffler,and it was almost too quiet, couldnt even tell it was running. I really prefer the canister style exhausts though. it mainly just changes the sound of the exhaust with louvers facing oh ok, well yeah i want to avoid the bottlenecks wherever possible. I have a 2012 Silverado 1500 with the 4. It has both chambers like a baffled or welded muffler but also has perforated tubing link a turbo style. Quiet . 31 May 2019 Some mufflers are louder than others, so we're here to walk you through our catalog of performance mufflers to better understand which will  this magnaflow exhaust offers a 'wide open performance', Not ideal if you want a quiet ride. Whereas a muffler is usually oval-shaped, a resonator is Shop Mufflers & Resonators for the Ford 6. I know everyone has the Magnaflow 11224 which is 14" but I want to keep it  Here are top-rated mufflers by different types with buying guide to help you make the In fact the 10416 is one of the best MagnaFlow mufflers on the market. The fat part of the body is 34 inches log. Been on for two years now and I'm probably going to go back to stock or a walker. I'm running a Magnaflow catted X pipe with the Magnaflow street catback and the car has a very nice sound without being overly loud. as we all know 4 cylinders are to be Jan 15, 2017 · Of course I bought the quietest muffler Flowmaster they make. The 2-1/4" Dynomax is listed for up to 160 hp, and most other (smaller) applications are listed as 2". Muffler Structure: Chambered. Taking into account the 1. I love the sound on the outside, but I just can't take the rattlings/buzzings on the inside anymore. Here are links to the mufflers too Quiet mufflers to run with duals? This is a discussion on Quiet mufflers to run with duals? within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Looking to find out what mufflers are REALLY quiet, like stock quiet, with headers and 2. I'd like to hear a walker on a 5. These muffler options are equipped with a straight-through tube chamber that allows sound waves to pass through freely. 14" magnaflows are pretty comparable to 40 series flowmasters. Magnaflow is a great, straight through muffler. all 2. Is the Magnaflow quieter or louder than the Bassani inside the car? I'm thinking of changing the exhaust kit to make it sound better, but I want it to stay quiet IN the car for sure. Tuesday The stock muffler is gigantic by small engine standards; maybe 6" tall, 10" long, and 3" thick (just the actual muffler body not including exhaust tubing and tailpipe). Use of these products may require changes to the OEM system or the fabrication of a completely custom exhaust. resonators will change the tone of the exhaust as mentioned above, but they will also help with the noise some if the louvers are facing open towards the engine. While they deflect more exhaust noise than the average race muffler, they're quite loud. Plus, every Flowmaster exhaust and muffler is backed with a 3-Year Warranty. 00-inch tailpipes for a deep powerful sound. It's not too loud but I hate to admit it, it sounds a little ricey. Made from aluminized steel that delivers exceptional durability. Thing is, the ROUND mufflers that he's heard are the ones that are bought from ebay like the one I had one my car from a friend. Free shipping. It is a straight through design (perforated tube with a wire mesh surrounding it with rock wool packing inside the casing). Looking for quietest/performance Muffler. For example, the Magnaflow system for my 2000 Cherokee is over $500. Nov 05, 2004 · The first muffler cancels out the resonation that you are experiencing at 3000 RPM. MagnaFlow D-FIT kits replace the restrictive factory muffler, while maintaining the OEM piping & tailpipe. they still sound good Show Full Signature 4" intake, UDP, 160, PS LT's, magnaflow catback, FTI 3600 stall, MSD's, NGK's, Walbro 340, Pedders back half, BC Coilovers, Airbrushed ported fast 92, 60 lbs injectors, GForce stubs and shafts, and a P&P TB by GeeTeeOh! I have been looking at reducing the exhaust noise on my 240Z (SBC 350, 2. On older cars, the complete systems are way over priced. Thanks for the help. I knowy'all want it loud. Magnaflow Exhaust Magnaflow Performance Satin Stainless Mufflers are the perfect choice if you are looking for performance, quality and sound. It is uterly amazing what this combination is capable of. The stainless steel constructed features large 3. Without cats (and a small diameter resonator) it's now too loud for me on a DD that uses remote start at 6:00 AM and has May 13, 2010 · I put a 14" magnaflow muffler on my truck after they told me it wouldn't pass inspection. I ended up welding a "patch" on the top of the stock muffler and it's all quiet again. I've never liked the sound of the tundra, the exhaust is silent, and then engine is noisy. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Jun 09, 2009 · A 305 sounds the same as any Chevy V-8,more or less. Brand: Magnaflow. In the past I found Magnaflow to be very good in lower noise situations, little drone, but offered a great sound under WOT. it will fit easier. Admittedly a stock 235 is not going to make a lot of noise through this muffler and will be louder on higher compression higher performance V8 but the longer case does reduce noise without reducing flow. i want to put a little bit more on there to quiet it down, but still keep the whole exhaust to a minimum. A lifetime warranty makes Magnaflow an easy choice for many people. Find Walker Quiet-Flow 3 Mufflers and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Replace your OEM muffler with one of these Walker Quiet-Flow 3 mufflers. Sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with vibrant related news and events! The muffler isn't a real performance upgrade per se but the 70mm piping is. what i want is a quiet sound untill it hits higher RPM's someone told me that it has a really loud sound at first gear even when it is at low RPM's. The second muffler mounts in the "stock location" just before the pipe crosses the rear axle. much nicer. (2) Vibrant Ultra Quiet Resonators BEFORE Magnaflow muffler OR (2) Vibrant 1790 Bottle style resonators BEFORE Magnaflow muffler I'm ordering a set of both and taking it to the shop to see if they can fit the UQs, if not, then I'll just have them throw on the bottle style resonators and then return the UQs. I have determined that it will be 2" inlet/outlet, but there are many options to choose from given this criteria. ” Anyway, just say no to louder exhaust on the Gen 2 Raptor. Doesnt have to be the best, just better than a normal one. which is very nice. The noise was sweet, if it was a muscle car. Grab a nice chambered muffler instead of a straight through design and you won't lose power but sound will be much more bearable. Step on it . Cross-reference the part number on Magnaflow's website to get the exact dimensions of each muffler. $122. I had a similar problem using a single Magnaflow on a 3 inch single exhaust. My 64 El Camino has a slightly built 305,two into one 3 inch short glass pack,then 3 inch back to a Magnaflow muffler,3 inch exit behind the rear tire. Depending on your choice of sound, we have patented and proven chambered muffler series that deliver mild, moderate, aggressive, and very aggressive sounds. It's much quieter and has a better tone with the Magnaflow's. My RAM is getting a 24" Mufflex Magnaflow and I'm keeping the resonators as well. Give your truck a custom exhaust tone with the MBRP Universal 4" Quiet Tone Muffler. The problem is cruising down the road it really gets noisy in the car and when you stand on it the thing sounds almost like an old FWD chevy truck with 5" dumps on it!! quietest free flowing muffler possible. 7L Powerstroke 2011-2016 - Exhaust Components! XDP carries all the parts and accessories you need for the best diesel performance. Famous for their throaty, aggressive tone, we understand if you have a sudden urge to rev your engine at every red light with one of these mufflers installed. May 19, 2009 · OK currently I have a Magnaflow 3 inch muffler, I've always hated Magnaflow and how they sound, im also quite tired of the highway drone, I realize with a 3 inch muffler its never going to be like stock but theres got to be something out there better than this piece of @!#$. However, the guys at the muffler shop told me that Dynomax is in the middle of the sound spectrum with Flowmaster being the loudest and Magnaflow being the quietest. Anyone run the stock muffler without the resonator? What is the quietest after market available with resonator? Also, any performance increase with a std K&N? Thanks, BCB DynoMax® Performance Exhaust has a complete line of mufflers, including the Ultra Flo X stainless steel muffler, Ultra Flo Welded stainless steel muffler, Ultra Flo SS polished stainless steel muffler, Super Turbo muffler, Race Collector muffler and Race Bullet muffler. Noise levels basically the larger a muffler is the quieter it is going to be. I think I can live with a WS2. Go to the magnaflow site . what is the quietest muffler with good flow? i ordered a tsudo catback and i dont think im going to keep the muffler that comes with it. So, get the longest straight-through design you can fit: Dynomax Ultraflo, Magnaflow, etc. I was suprised how much it's change inside the cab, now it sounds stock inside. We do alot of relationship marketing with Magnaflow and even dyno-tested a bunch of performance mufflers on our company vans. BTW grampa window was very slow as suspected at over 3. I would search for sound clips on YouTube I guess. 5" exhaust, Flowmaster Magna Flow 14" body muffler). 5 inch with hi flow cat and glass pack which runs as straight as possible and exits right beside the rear bumper. Then it's off to the muffler guy to install the Flowmaster. I want to Mar 19, 2012 · We've compared two mufflers in search of quiet(er) performance. I had straight, no muffler and hated even when not towing. I want them to be quiet but free flowing. Choose top quality brands AP Exhaust, Borla, Dynomax, Flowmaster, MBRP, Walker. 4 x 9 OVAL 13236 vs. I am looking for the quietest design from Magnaflow that still allows decent Jan 08, 2020 · The muffler shop guy said, “Never worked on one of these, most owners want their Lexus to stay quiet. 5in pipe and would snarl good when reved. Of course, the size of the muffler has an effect as well - the bigger it is, the quieter it will be. If you read some on the perforrmance muffler makers website, the 2. , is your source to get race mufflers, stainless header components, bullet style race mufflers, header flanges, merge collectors, mandrel bends, oval exhaust tubing, stainless X pipes, v band flanges, performance exhaust components yes they are super quiet. But-Other options: 1) Flowmaster Super 40 dual in/dual out muffler (this muffler, like the Magnaflow, has the x-pipe built in it; then you won’t need the x-pipe you were thinking of installing). We carry a wide selection of aluminized and stainless steel mufflers designed to keep your car as quiet or as loud as you like it. ” “The quietest time in an absorptive muffler’s life is when you buy it,” says Flowmaster’s Nate Shelton. Get the ultimate performance mufflers, custom fit to your car, truck or motorcycle with same-day shipping on ALL in stock orders! MagnaFlow manufactures the best glasspack, oval and round straight through mufflers in the USA using premium components and the latest technology. I would probably just swap out the muffler for one with your sound preference and leave the resonator on. Best results was the Magnaflow. By using 16-gauge stainless steel for the body, end I had the muffler replaced with a Magnaflow "Quiet Tuned"(that is their model name) and a resonator. Many of us recall the ‘69 Camaro with the hot street muffler of the day. 18" is probly closer to a 50 series flowmaster as far as loudness. we've got the quality, power and sound you're looking for! magnaflow exhaust products for diesel & gas trucks american muscle cars euro/sport compact The longest Magnaflow you can fit in there. Probably like that so it has a bit more grunt and rumble than a pure turbo style but not as much as a full welded/baffled muffler. The concern I have about installing a low restrictive muffler is the noise or drone that it might create at cruising speed. The larger Magnaflow’s are popular with those that want a muffler that is quiet until you choose to open it up. We were specifically looking at the MAGNAFLOW mufflers. Stainless Headers Mfg. Knocked down the sound a bit and had no effect on performance. The MagnaFlow XL Turbo Muffler gives your engine more horsepower with less unwanted resonance. How does some of the other systems compare? i'll be having mufflers instlled on my66 1st of next month, flow master says there quitest muffler is the delta flow anyone on here have this muffler,serveral of my friends have flow master on the cars there to load inside the car for me i plan on touring in this car and wont miminal noise insde Dec 01, 2002 · Ford Mustang Muffler Comparison Test - American Rumble and the MagnaFlow closely followed the Bassani RS with good average horsepower in that range. I just got her about 6 months ago in stock condition. The noise level is fine for city driving at low throttle opening, but approaching WOT it sounds like open exhaust and driving through parking lots sets off car alarms. My Dad installed a no name turbo muffler on his 25' Class C with a Ford 351. It's pretty loud,sounds more powerful than it is. If you want people to turn their heads when you drive by, make sure you Blow It Out Your Pypes! Magnaflow is the "quietest", but by no means with LT's, no cats & cam is it stealth. Quitest I used defitnately like it. M agnaFlow Performance mufflers are 100% stainless steel and lap-joint welded for solid construction and rugged reliability even in the most extreme conditions. I can't tune my truck properly cuz Im always registering false spark knock at peak torque around 3000rpm and the damn computer starts Oct 17, 2017 · I have a Magnaflow with an 18" case on my 56. - Round 22" case, perforated stanless steel with packing Apr 06, 2007 · Is there a concensus on what is the quietest performance muffler? My guess is that to quiet down exhaust noise, it will require adding restriction. Specifically, with magnaflows at least, the longer the quieter. What is the quietest Performance Muffler I was kicking around installing the stock mufflers but I don't want to suffer a 20HP penalty as some say will occur. 7 before this and I thought the stock exhaust on that Quietest aftermarket muffler As the title states, I'm looking to find out which aftermarket muffler produces the least amount of noise. Choose top quality brands API, Bosal, Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Skunk2, Walker. For now I'm going to leave my stock H-Pipe alone, will I be okay with a magnaflow on the drone sound? Also which performs better, I'll sacrifice a little sound to pick up a few horses. The Sandale looks very nice, but both it and the SQ use the same MagnaFlow muffler. Their turbo-style configuration provides great interior and exterior sound control without decreasing exhaust DynoMax® Performance Exhaust has a complete line of mufflers, including the Ultra Flo X stainless steel muffler, Ultra Flo Welded stainless steel muffler, Ultra Flo SS polished stainless steel muffler, Super Turbo muffler, Race Collector muffler and Race Bullet muffler. Available free and same day freight. Stock catalytic converter. Jun 29, 2012 · A good choice may be the Magnaflow 18 inch dual inlet-dual outlet series, with the built-in x pipe, which would eliminate the need to install one. I have a 22" magnaflow and it's a little bit louder than stock. Performance: These mufflers are helpful for drivers who want to equip their standard car or truck with an extra dose of noise and power. Then I talked to a Magnaflow technical advisor who told me the "Quiet Tuned" was not the right choice, I should use a Magnaflow "Straight-Through" muffler. Jan 03, 2019 · I have the quietest magnaflow on mine, it does sound good, but its loud, and drones pretty bad. maybe not as quiet as the OEM, but not distracting or attention getting at all. Cheap aluminized but did the job well for 5 years I only changed it looking for more performance and still regret it. It's  10 Oct 2019 Chamber Muffler, MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust Muffler, Borla Pro XS Stainless Steel Muffler, Walker Quiet-Flow Stainless Steel Muffler  Results 1 - 25 of 259 Find Walker Quiet-Flow 3 Mufflers and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Replace your OEM muffler with one of  MagnaFlow Exhaust Products Rumble Muffler 17656MGF aluminized and stainless steel mufflers designed to keep your car as quiet or as loud as you like it . It'll have the V8 growl when I want it, but be quiet when I don't. 5" magnaflows on it right now and idling it's not too loud. I was a bit pessimistic in Gibson’s claims as to the SFT being the quietest in cabin performance muffler available, especially after wasting time and money on the Walker garbage. Yes, the MagnaFlow muffler # MF13740 actually does have baffles to reduce exhaust noise. Available for cars, trucks, and Nov 29, 2018 · From the Super 44 to the old-school Flowmaster 40, this comprehensive guide explains the sounds of Flowmaster mufflers. After going through the sticky in the exhaust section, I'm leaning toward the borla. Oct 29, 2007 · A comparison between my old glasspack mufflers and the new Manaflow's I just fitted. Installing the component is a simple but effective way to increase the horsepower your engine can produce. quietest magnaflow muffler